This video was made in collaboration with my friend Tim Groot. We were asked to produce this during our internship at UCee Station. By the youth organization in Utrecht; Jong030.

For more information about their work:


In 2011 my colleague Tim Groot and I did a video assignment for ROC Midden Nederland. The school organized a special day for their students with multiple workshops about 'safety' at school. It was also a chance for students to get to know one and other from different faculties. 

'Uitfeest' Utrecht

With the UCee Station crew we did a video report at the 'Uitfeest' in Utrecht in 2010. During this festival we were privileged interviewing different Dutch music artists and other creative people. 

During my graduation internship I also functioned as a video editor for were I edited several video's

This is one of the video's that I have made. The rest can be found on the different social media pages of Culy. You can find them on their Facebook, Instagram and their YouTube account.

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